Generation consultation: provisions concerning everyone

An accident, an illness, an operation, an unfortunate fall… to most people it happens out of the blue – and all of a sudden they are not capable of managing day-to-day life without outside help anymore.

Everything is taken care of

Dependants and their relatives often feel overwhelmed during and after the event of an emergency situation. What a relief that there is such a thing as the emergency folder with all the telephone numbers of contact persons and institution that offer support and help. And with all the necessary papers and deeds to enable your dearest to act quickly and help constructively. To know that everything is settled eases the situation for all family members. And here it becomes clear why we are talking about generation consulting: this topic concerns everyone in the family: grandparents, parents, children… Because a blow of fate can hit each of our dearest, young or old. It is relieving when one can say “we as a family have taken all the necessary measures”. So that if the circumstances demand, it is clear what needs to be done and who can help whom and how. That settles the mind and lets one looks to the future with an easier heart.

Our Service – Tipps, Leads and Navigation Aid

We, as certified generation consultants, are your right hand in planning, creating and filling this emergency folder. For the case that you cannot take care of yourself anymore. And we go through all the important questions with you: what do power of attorney, health care proxy and  living will mean? Who needs what? Do I have to sign those documents once for all or do they need regular updates?

Expressing your wishes

For taking the best provisions, inheritage planning should be thought about – and acted upon – in a timely manner. This topic will invariably surface with increasing age – and that is why it is part of our generation consultation. Also young people should address this issue. Statutory succession presumes an intact family in the benefaction of the heirs. If people outside of the family are to be appointed an heir, one must take action and write a testament. We will guide you through these complex topics during our generation consultation.

Especially important for parents of minor children: Due to accident or severe illness, it can happen that a child is suddenly left without a parent entitled to custody. Parents can prepare for such an eventuality with a custodial provision declaring who they wish to be the legal guardian, with the best interest of the child in mind. Our generation consultation is well-rounded due to the holistic approach that we take.

Generation consultation – in German and English language

We have specialized ourselves as generation consultants for you. This means we navigate you through the topic. Together with our network of

  • certified specialist lawyers,
  • tax adivsors,
  • notaries and
  • welfare service organisations,

we guide you through all your personal questions. So that it all fits together in the end and you can lean back and relax. Because you know that it is all taken care of. Expecially for our expat clients we offer this service in English language, too.

What our clients say:

Finally we have a concise emergency folder, filled with all important powers of attorney as well as helpful papers for the case of an emergency. Mirja has helped us very much to pull ourselves together and finally let deeds follow our long-hedged intentions. The consultancy fee is well invested: we feel caringly provided for at KremerLundehn.

Lilo Panthöfer, physician assistant

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