Looks familiar?

Probably every dog owner knows this situation. Our „darling“ looks up with his faithfully eyes and seems to say: “Suddenly this chaos was here, it isn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything.”
Of course you forgive him very soon, even if you were a bit angry at first. But what if something breaks down in an external household and it’s more than the 10-years old sofa cushion, which was already very used? Then the play instinct of your own dog can be very expensive, because you’re liable for your animal and the damages it causes to the full extent.

The solution: Animal Keeper’s liability

To prevent that risk you can get an Animal Keeper’s liability. It insures pets and animals, like dogs or horses. Because damages caused by small animals like hamsters or budgies are insured by your private liability, because they are from the juridical point of view seen as an „object“, even if that sounds very strange.

Which damages are covered by an Animal Keeper’s liability?

An Animal Keeper’s liability pays for damages which are claimed by a third party – within the agreed limit, which is called insurance sum. The insurance pays compensation for personal injury (e.g. because of a bit), property damages (e.g. destroyed furniture or clothes) and economic loss in case as a result of for personal injury or property damages.

Which extras a Dog Owner’s Liability should include:

  • Family members and friends who looks after the dog
  • Insurance should pay even if the dog wasn’t leashed
  • Rental property damage – also the furniture of summer residences
  • Paid up co-insurance of dog puppies until their first birthday
  • (inadvertent) mating act
  • Legal protection for Animal Keepers
  • Property and use of dog trailers
  • Worldwide stays for up to one year are insured

Which extras a Horse Owner’s Liability should include:

  • Family members and friends, also foreign horsemen
  • Legal protection for Animal Keepers
  • Riding or leading the horse without harness and/or saddle
  • Competitions – riding lessons, horse races and competitions should be include
  • Property and use of horse trailers
  • Use of own and foreign horse-drawn vehicle
  • Paid up co-insurance of foals until their first birthday
  • Worldwide stays for up to one year are insured

You would like to get an individual offer?

You can get insurance protection – depending on the coverage of the police – up from 50 € yearly premium. But we recommend that you shouldn’t only look for the price, because these cheap polices often doesn’t include the above mentioned extras.
So we recommend e. g. the Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt, because of their great price-performance ratio and customer-friendly behavior.

Offer of Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt (German)

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Do you know the german word for Animal Keeper’s liability? It’s „Tierhalterhaftpflichtversicherung“. You can read more about this topic in german language here.

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