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This insurance adviser supports you with your first steps in a new world of health, insurance and precaution. It answers the most urgent insurance questions for relocating to Germany.

Client often ask us: What do I really need when I relocate to Germany?

My landlord wants me to show that I´ve taken out „Privat-Haftpflichtversicherung“.


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My HR department told me health insurance is compulsory in Germany?



Overview about insurance in Germany?

Here you find our insurance adviser to orientate yourself. We have sorted the topics according to importance:


Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Compulsory for everyone
  • Statutory long-term care insurance included

Depending on your personal situation you have the choice between

  • Statutory health insurance (part of the German social insurance)
  • Private health insurance

More information.

Personal Liability insurance
  •  Protection against mishaps
  • This policy covers you around the clock and temporarily also abroad in case of personal, material and property damage.
  • Landlords often require proof that one has private liability insurance
  • Important: If you own a dog, you need an extra „dog owner liability insurance
Occupational disability insurance
  •  Securing the current net income so as not to have to rely on welfare in the event of occupational disability due to illness or accident
  • The point is to remain financially independent even in the worst case
  • Attention, be aware that the current health status is requested during application. Only persons who are (still) healthy enough can close a policy.
  • Similar insurance products: Accident insurance, dread desease insurance.
Retirement Security
  • Employees in Germany are automatically compulsory members of the German (legal) pension insurance (DRV)
  • The contribution is automatically deducted from the salary of employees
  • Employers subsidize the contribution of 18.7% in half
  • Offers only basic care and is not sufficient to be adequately provided for in old age.
  • Attention, freelancers have to take responsibility and provide for themselves without help from by the state or employer – start early with your private pension insurance.


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