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German Health Insurance for Employees

Health Insurance is mandatory in Germany since 2009. Employees do not have to take care of Health Insurance coverage on their own. But they have to decide which Health Insurance company they want to be insured with. If the employee´s gross income is higher than the social security ceiling (57.600 €/year or 4.800 €/month in 2017), you may choose between the Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) and Private Health Insurance (PHI).

Because many international Health Insurance solutions don´t meet the German required specification to be accredited for the employer´s partial payment pay attention that you really take out comprehensive cover and not only cheap „travel insurance“ when you enter Germany as an employee.

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Private Health Insurance (PHI)

The private solution offers more individual choice. Every private insured person can make his individual insurance package. You receive preferred treatment and are granted appointments faster. You receive what is medically necessary and are not subject to budget constraints as in the statutory health insurance. Medical progress  and innovations are made available to you faster and you enjoy best benefits and services.

There are roughly 40 Private German Health Insurance companies. The monthly premium here is based on the quality of the chosen tariff and its benefits and on the insured’s entry age and pre-existing medical condition. You pay per person each and when you lead a healthy and cost-conscious style of life, you may even receive a premium refund. This means some insurance companies pay a premium refund if you do not claim any benefits during the entire calendar year.

If you wish to be privately insured from the very start in Germany please contact as early inform your company’s human resources department quickly to avoid possible confusion; otherwise, you may find yourself automatically registered in the public scheme.

Statutory Health Insurance (SHI)

You are compulsorily insured in the public health insurance if you are earning less than the mentioned threshold of €4,687,50 gross salary per month as an employee. The benefits are comprehensive, but more basic. As Statutory Health insured person you may realize, that some benefits of the Statutory Health Insurance aren’t sufficient. Some benefits aren’t included. Or there is a high deductible, an own share, which can bei quite considerable in some cases. For instance if you need glasses or contact lenses, you must pay the full cost of these yourself. Subsidies are only paid in a small number of cases, e. g. for people with serverely impaired vision. Another example: in most cases, the Statutory Health Insurance fund will refuse to pay any costs for natural therapies. They must be paid by your own.

But you may extend your benefits by supplementary insurance which is offered by Private Health Insurance companies.

Employer´s Participation

Employees´ contribute to their employees´ Health Insurance nearly half of the montly premium. The employer´s part has been limited by law recently, so employees pay an additional premium on top depending on the Health Insurance fund or scheme they stepped into.

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There are a lot of pro´s and con´s to look at, before you decide in which scheme you fit best. Only few German Private Health Insurance companies accept foreigners without a huge bureaucratic paperwork – some even do not accept foreigners until they have been resident here for at least two years. Reason enough to trust the experts from KremerLundehn, your Independent Insurance Broker in Cologne. We know our way around the labyrinth of the German Health Insurance industry long before signing on the dotted line.

You will not enter Germany as an employee?

Compared with employees in Germany who particularly benefit from the state´s protection and care, freelancer need to insure themselves self-dependently. As medical insurance is obligatory in Germany, to find the fitting health insurance coverage, is prior to all other insurance topics. The best thing is, that you already seek for a solution before you enter the Country. Because freelancers under certain circumstances have the choice to take out either public health insurance or private health insurance and not every international health insurance company fulfills the requirements of German law.





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In Germany, health insurance is compulsory, i.e. as a student too you need to provide proof of health insurance cover which is valid in Germany. You should therefore either take out German health insurance cover or have your current health insurance recognized immediately after arriving in Germany.

In principle, you are free to choose between a statutory health insurance scheme (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse”) and a private health insurer. We generelly recommend: Try to jump into the „Gesetzliche Krankenkasse“. This is only possible once at the very start of your study. Contact us, if you like, we help you. However, there are a few cases where statutory health insurance is not possible.

In those cases we cooperate with the brokerage Dr. Walters. All non-German citizens up to 69 years who are temporarily staying in Germany can purchase Dr. Walter´s EDUCARE24 insurance cover. The policy can be purchased within the first month after entering the country or starting classes, studies, internship, teaching or research.

Please note: If you take out private health insurance cover, it will not be possible to switch to a statutory insurance scheme at any time during your studies!

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We are a German insurance broker with excellent expertise but still with the personal touch. We give advice in English and support expatriates who live in Germany or plan to live in Germany.  Without being bound to any single bank or insurance company we can represent your interests independently. You can rest assured that you will find the best possible solution which fits your needs exactly from the vast range of offers on the market. It is this simple: we will find the proposal and put together a package which suits your needs most. Click here for our little film-portrait on youtube.

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