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KremerLundehn is a German insurance broker companyWe support expats like you who relocate to Germany. We give our best and are at your side with excellent expertise out of 25 years in business. And we give advice in English, that´s what our clients love. Here you find experts who work worldwide but still care for you with the personal touch. Without being bound to any single bank or insurance company we can represent your interests independently. You can rest assured that here you are offered the best possible solution. And that this solution picked from the vast range of offers on the market fits exactly to your needs. It is this simple: we will find the proposal and put together a package which suits your needs most.


Welcome to KremerLundehn – your independent insurance broker in Cologne, Germany!

You find us here:

KremerLundehn GmbH
independent insurance broker

Dürener Straße 270
50935 Cologne/Germany
Telefon ++49-221/96 43 74-0
Telefax ++49-221/96 43 74-11
E-Mail info@kremerlundehn.de


Our Blog

Comprehensive Health Insurance in Germany

6 Tipps for foreigners: How to Get comprehensive health insurance in Germany   Getting comprehensive health insurance in Germany as a foreigner is a tricky thing. We support expats who (plan to) live in Germany and need help in finding the right health insurance...

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Insurance Adviser Germany

Insurance Adviser - Welcome to Germany! This insurance adviser supports you with your first steps in a new world of health, insurance and precaution. It answers the most urgent insurance questions for relocating to Germany. Client often ask us: What do I really need...

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Registering in Germany: Landlord´s confirmation needed

Registering is obligatory for permanent residents Since November 2015 the German laws regarding relocation and registering address have undergone important changes. This is to make sure that people only register at the place where they actually live. Deadline and...

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Statutory health insurance benefits in Germany

Overview of Benefits in the statutory health insurance In the event of illness, it soon becomes clear that many of the statutory health insurance benefits require an own share in some areas. And some benefits are simply not available. Just what that can entail is...

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What our international clients often ask for:

  • comprehensive health insurance 65%
  • insurance for your household 13%
  • disability insurance 8%
  • individual pension plans 7%
  • motor insurance 5%
  • others 2%

Feeling helpless within the German Insurance „Jungle“?

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