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KremerLundehn is a German insurance broker companyWe support expats like you who (plan to) live in Germany. We give our best and are at your side with excellent expertise out of 25 years in business. And we give advice in English, that´s what our clients love. Here you finde experts who work worldwide but still care for you with the personal touch. Without being bound to any single bank or insurance company we can represent your interests independently. You can rest assured that here you are offered the best possible solution. And that this solution picked from the vast range of offers on the market fits exactly to your needs. It is this simple: we will find the proposal and put together a package which suits your needs most.

Our Plus: We speak English and love our job

Because we are a small team we still have the personal touch. We act flexible, unbureaucratically, speedy. A sensible advantage for you: We know our clients individually and we take the time to deal with your respectively unique requirements. We consider you as our partners. Deciding in favour of our services means deciding in favour of transparency and sensitivity. After all, making provisions for the future is a matter of trust.

As independent insurance broker we offer tailor-made solutions which are geared specifically to you as an individual. This begins with an extensive analysis of your insurance needs from basic insurance policies to the more complex issue of choosing and financing real estate.


Special Focus: Medical Insurance – Quick Advice in English

Quick quote for Employees.

Health insurance is obligatory for everyone in Germany, including the self-employed. We are specialized in catering for the specific needs of employed academic im- and expatriates who come to Germany and need quick advice in english language. So when you plan to apply for a blue card or just got a German job offer, let us support you. We help you to find the right health insurance solution to meet the requirements your HR-department demands. Please take your chance in contacting us even before you start living in Germany. It helps a lot and makes insurance solutions much easier, when we look at the options you´ve got and build up a plan for your health insurance already before you register here.

Read more about comprehensive health insurance in Germany.

Your Advantage: Holistic Approach

In the course of your life, you accumulate a number of provisionary and saving plans thanks to ad-hoc decisions, various financial service providers and well-meant advice from friends. Eventually you lose track of all your commitments…Sounds all too familiar?
Closely cooperating with you, KremerLundehn analyses your financial situation and conducts a financial planning tailored to your needs. We take a systemic and holistic approach structuring and optimizing your assets and investments so that you will definitely reach your goals in life.
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Don´t hesitate to contact us. We are a small familiar company, speak English and support you in a flexible friendly way.

What our international clients often ask for:

  • German private health insurance 65%
  • insurance for your household 13%
  • Disability Insurance 8%
  • Individual pension plans 7%
  • Mortgaging 5%
  • others 2%

You find us here:

KremerLundehn GmbH
independent insurance broker

Dürener Straße 270
50935 Cologne
Telefon ++49-221/96 43 74-0
Telefax ++49-221/96 43 74-11
E-Mail info@kremerlundehn.de


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As an expat in Germany I was in need of financial services and support. At KremerLundehn they really listened to my needs and advised me on which insurances were mandatory (and not) in Germany. The professional advice and personal service was extremely good. I highly recommend them to anybody moving to Germany.

Christine Culliton

International Program Manager

Since 13 years KremerLunden provides us a great help to deal with the german insurances and burocracy, explaining us the rules, supporting us with the translations and communications with the insurance institutes and guiding us in making the best choices for our needs. The new „Postvollmacht-Service“ especially is very helpful for any foreign person not familiar with the German insurance system.

Davide Barni

Ingenieur Motorsport

Feeling helpless within the German Insurance „dschungle“?

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