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My first 100 days at KremerLundehn

Eine Frau sitzt an einem Schreibtisch und lächelt in die Kamera

Turning over a New Leaf

So how have I ended up here at KremerLundehn? Let me start by saying my name is Celina Kleinertz, I’m 22 years old and since August 2018 I’ve been doing an apprenticeship as an office management assistant at KremerLundehn.

After spending some time studying, I soon realised something was missing. So, I decided to step out into the ‘real world’ and soon started working as a saleswoman here in Cologne. Although that was a lot of fun, I still felt like it wasn’t quite right for me. So, after giving it a lot of thought, I decided I needed something more secure and fulfilling. And that’s how I started working here!

A Warm Welcome

Not surprisingly, I was quite nervous (to say the least!) when I first entered the offices of KremerLundehn that warm sunny morning last August. But I had nothing to worry about!

I was warmly welcomed not only by my trainer Chiara and the two managing directors Mirja and Armin, but also by the lovely office dog ‘Hugo’. Although he was a little skeptical at first, he soon came around to the idea (after a few yummy treats of course!).

Always with a smile on her face, Chiara helped me to settle in and introduced me to everyday office life here at KremerLundehn.

Much more than just making coffee

So, what does an office management assistant really do? Well, it is a
very versatile profession which often demands a lot more than many
people can imagine.

So far I’ve learned to:

  • Process incoming and outgoing mail
  • Work with the customer management program and Microsoft Office
  • Receive phone calls and process customer inquiries
  • Procure information in various ways, such as online research
  • Manage customer data
  • Write cards for special events
  • Process electronic data and data care, especially data protection and data security
  • Prepare and follow-up on documents for consulting appointments
  • Greet clients at the office

And not only that, but I’ve also had the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the insurance business.

Mirja and Armin have really taken me under their wing by allowing me to sit in on client appointments, giving me a brief introduction into the field of motor vehicle insurance as well as an insight into the KremerLundehn bookkeeping and offer preparation process.

And all this on top of two mornings a week at business school, but you can read more about that in my next post!

Beyond 100 Days

My conclusion? After 100 days here, I can honestly say that I’m really happy to complete my education here at KremerLundehn. The fact that I could get actively involved from day one and feel part of such a pleasant working team and atmosphere would always make them my first choice.

I especially enjoy the online research which gives me the opportunity to acquire new information and knowledge. What’s more, taking over the preparation and follow-up of documents for consulting appointments as well as greeting clients in our office is simply a pleasure for me!

I’m really looking forward to everything that the future has to offer me here!