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Registering in Germany: Landlord´s confirmation needed

Registering is obligatory for permanent residents
Since November 2015 the German laws regarding relocation and registering address have undergone important changes. This is to make sure that people only register at the place where they actually live.

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Deadline and facts

Everyone who stays in Germany more than three months must register. This registering has to be done within two weeks of your arrival.

To register you go to the local Einwohner-Meldeamt sometimes also called Bürgeramt or Bürgerbüro. You need to register there in person. If you cannot go there yourself you may give a friend a letter of authorisation to register on your behalf. What is needed is a valid passport or identification card. And since 2015 the law requires that in addition you show a written confirmation of your landlord or of your rental agency. This is important, because without this document you cannot register or deregister and you appointment there will be in vain.

Forms needed for registering your address in Germany

Download this form called „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“ here on this page or google it. Some people call it Vermieterbescheinigung or Einzugsbestätigung. They all mean the same document.




Okay, you downloaded the documet? Then print it. Your landlord or rental agency must sign this document.

At the Einwohner-Meldeamt you will receive a written confirmation that your topic address is now noted. This proof of registration („Anmeldebestätigung“) is often required by other institutions or authorities. For instance when you want to open a bank account of apply for German health insurance.

Subsequent Change of address later

Later each subsequent change of address in Germany must consistently be registered with the authorities. Again you need to go there in person. Or you may authorize another person to do this for you. And again you need the „Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“. When you did it once, it´s easy the second time, you will see.

Any questions left?

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